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Friday, 16 September 2011

Do you can get Dean's List...

Dean's List...

The title that would be a dream for all student, where it will an honorable award for those succeed in their study or in more specific, person obtain their CGPA 3.5 and above. There is a question for every student, do you think you can get Dean's List for this semester….?

The answer is YES and NO. Why? Because everybody deserve it.. ..

It’s actually depending on the person itself. It is not about how you want get it, but what should you do to get it. Pay attention in class, be punctual, frequently ask the lecturer on the matter what do you understand. That if you want get it, but there is also resistance such as poor discipline, unfinished assignment or tutorial, always late to the class, then it should be enough for you to be unsuccessful person, now and also forever in your life..

The key is……YOURSELF. 

Positive thing done during mid-semester break…..

Salam everyone...Today we feel to post the mid-sem break experience...Are you have the great day during this break?? 

            For us, many thing as the student and especially as teenagers would  do during mid-sem break. The opportunity for us to visit our schoolmate and go on some vacation can only been done on that mid-semester break only.  Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Independent Day also occur during this semester break. So, we enjoy our break by celebrate this important event. 


            During this mid-semester break, we visit our relative and also our friend. Those make our relationship become stronger and harder than before. We shared our story and discussed many of things. That was sweetest time had been done. However, we as a student does not forget our responsible. We also done our homework beside we celebrated  Hari Raya and Independent Day. 
get along...with friends


Hey,,,,we can reduce World Hunger!

Previous entry we were discuss situation for the world hunger,,,its so sad to remember it.  On the name of human, to overcome the world hunger, we had made some there are three key ways in which you and other people in the world can help reduce hunger and poverty: understanding, this implies learning and action. 

Action can take Three KEYs forms: influencing public policy, contributing financially, and working directly with poor people.
  • Influence public policy to support poor people. Governments play a key role in allocating resources and adopting policies that influence the lives of poor and hungry people. Use your citizenship and self-empowerment to influence the nation's voice including changing government policies. UN World Food Programme has launched a campaign for a ‘Billion’ in order to get a billion internet users to help feed the hungry of the world population.
  • Contribute financially to reducing hunger and poverty.  While it is, in general, not possible to support individual poor families, it is possible to contribute to organizations that do support poor people. (example ‘Tabung Bencana TV3’)
  •  Work directly with poor people. That’s mean you can help via medical and society organization to see face two face poor people.
Tabung Bencana TV3
Are you have heart??so sad to see people like this...
So…what we wait guys?? Step forward your foot  to take at least one of the KEYS….

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The beginning...

17th July 2011 was the date Exmicet waited!! That day we were registered for our new life to further our study in Degree level. That feels great because we meet our colleagues and lecturer again. As usual first week we were busy to settle with our study planning and sponsorship. Furthermore it can flash back our memories during we were taken diploma for the first year. Many were changed when we arrived at the Micet like the cafĂ©, management and environment. We hope we can survive, that all for today…bye2 

Monday, 22 August 2011

serious so sad!!!!!!


We as a Malaysian citizen must be grateful because we are living in a peace country.  Rarely news in Malaysia we heard people die from hunger but most of Malaysian dies because of the over eating habits. The latest topic we can hear about hunger in media has occurred at Somalia.

   Statistic shown, than one billion people and that is approximately 1/6 of the world's population is in hungry. And every day nearly 16,000 children die from hunger and related causes. In essence, hunger is the most extreme form of poverty, they are cannot find and have afford to get their most basic need for food. So, we should help them by our own way such as donating and etc. 
Suffer and hunger....

Many foundations from other countries are very concern toward this situation.  They come forward to give a hand to the needed person.  Hunger is the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food or craving appetite and also the exhausted condition caused by want of food. World hunger also can be said as a disaster because it may give a bad or serious effect to the people especially in aspect of health.
kwashiorkor disease

The main disease related to the hunger phenomenon is kwashiorkor or protein deficiency disease. This disease normally occurs to the children between 1 to 3 years of age due to lack of protein supply to their body. The physical symptom for this disease is the stomach gets distended and the patient develops match stick legs or their legs become thin, long and curved.

               Our concern may save their life….v^_^m

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

challenging continues.....

Unconsciously, we have fast for 17 days. Those make us feel more suitable with the fasting environment. We done our classes almost at 6 pm and that do not give us chance to go to Bazaar Ramadhan. We really upset. =(

               Even though we have pack schedule, but we must arrange our time management systematically. This week is most special week from other week because our campus was organized ‘gotong-royong’ event to make ‘Bubur Lambok’. We spend our time together to participate this event when we have no other classes.  From this event we can see the cooperation between staff and student, which make us, feel proud to be micetian.  We really enjoy it!!!!!Happy Ramadhan…

Monday, 15 August 2011

Our challenges....

Nowadays that was almost forth week we were attended classes during fasting month. Oh!  It was very tired but that was challenging to us. Lecturers teach us as usual and without know meaning of rested. Our schedule was packed, so we use completely the times when we were free to rest for the next class. It was advantage also to us in fasting month because we can make more time to saw the lecturer during lunch time. Our tutorial class was very meaningful to us because when we had to go to 3rd floor to attend the class.  So time was jealousy to us…we had to stop here…thanks you..

Friday, 12 August 2011

Activity During Ramadhan

                 During this Ramadan, Islamic Civilization Club (ICC) has been manage Islamic programs. We as a student accept this programs with open hands. The activities that we joined are Nasyid, quizzes and khat writing contest. We trained very well to ensure we will win this contests. For the Nasyid’s team we were combined with the other batch including a freshies student.
                The advantage from this competition, junior and senior can get along each other. Furthermore, this competition was joined by each department in this campus. We really hope this program will be continue for every years and add up with more enjoy activities. Thank you….come on can  do it!!!!!!!

                                                 Islamic Civilization Club logo

                                              our favorite nasyid group~

                                               Nasyid competition

                                                          Khat writting

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ramadhan Kareem..

Ramadhan was listed as one of the month in the Islamic calendar. In this month, Muslims was instructed to fasting by restrain themselves from eating or drinking and also doing any forbid act that could omit the fast, starting from sunrise until sunset. In Malaysia which consists of various different religions, this month is still accepted by other religion. There were many benefits of Ramadhan, such as development of generosity through charity and good-will toward others. Through self-control, a Muslim practice good manners, good speech, and good habits. Furthermore, the body will become healthier besides assist rigid smoker to stop smoking.
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